Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Teacher Clothes: Shoe Round Up

I stood so long today I had to bring a chair out to recess. My legs were sooo tired and I have sort of, maybe, possibly signed up for a triathlon {WHAT, who am I?}. My point is: shoes are important, especially to teachers.

With that being said ... a quick round up of my favorite shoes, and a tip from Sam on how in the WORLD she manages to wear heels to school more than one day per year.

A few details - 

1. {Fry boots} I love boots. They look cute with dresses, with jeans and with dressier pants. They have just enough heel that they're not flats. Full disclosure, my boots aren't Fry. They're Steve Madden and cost about 1/3 the price. But I wear them so often, I wouldn't be opposed to spending the money on these the next time around {maybe}. See me wear these here and here

2. {Minnetonka moccasins} These are SO comfortable, they feel like slippers - but look better! They're also the only shoes I have that I can wear without socks and they don't get stinky. See me wear these here, here and here

3. {Nine West Wedges} I bought these for a summer job that was going to need a slightly more professional look. I can wear them all day AND run errands after work. Priceless. See me wear these here

4. {Crochet TOMS} I sometimes feel a little iffy when I'm wearing my regular TOMS to school - like I'm skirting the dress code. These are slightly dressier, and the navy color goes with everything from jeans to dresses. See me wear these here

5. {Seychelles Wedge Sandals} I don't personally own this pair, but I was looking for a dressier nude wedge to complete the line-up. The Seychelles brand is so cute, and their shoes are SUPER comfortable. 

With all that said, my favorite spring pick ... the crochet TOMS, of course. They're new! They're flats! They're dressier than my old TOMS! They go with everything! 

My friend Sam's pick? Her wedge heels.

She has a good point - wedges are more comfortable than heels, and having a platform in the front AND back makes them infinitely more wearable.  

And there you have it! Shoes for spring - bring on the next two months. When summer starts, I'll live in sandals. :) 


  1. I need it to warm up about 10 more degrees before I break out the wedges :)

  2. :) It was in the 70s/80s today here - BEAUTIFUL weather. I wish it would stay like that!

  3. I found your blog from over at TpT! What a great post!!! I always wore flats teaching and TOMS are so comfy! Those are my pick...for sure:) Newest follower here:)

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  4. Thanks, y'all! Check back today - I took some pictures of some co-workers whose outfits are ADORABLE and so spring-y. Bring it on, April! :)


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