Thursday, March 14, 2013

Teacher Clothes: Cords and Top

This shirt was $3. Holler! I bought it at Target off the sale rack, after seeing a friend at work in adorable loose-fitting tunics and deciding that I. must. own. one. This isn't a tunic, but ... eh. It works!

Also, have y'all seen the camis at New York and Company? I don't usuallllyyyy love their stuff but the camis are indestructible  I've had mine since I started teaching and they still look like they're brand new {in my humble opinion}. Worth it! {ETA: I just went on the website and can't find them. Say it ain't so, NY&Co.!}

Shirt {Target}, Cami {NY&Co.}
Pants {Gap}, Shoes {Minnetonka

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