Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Geologist Clothes: Kathryn

I have a friend who's a hot-shot geologist {HOW COOL IS THAT?!}. She was kind enough to send me pictures of her adorable outfit for work the other day. {Okay, it was a couple of months ago; I'm behind.}

I thought it'd be cool to re-create her look in a teacher outfit, just for the fun of it.

First, the geologist look ...

No, just kidding. That's her "in the field" {again, SO COOL!}. Can you imagine if I'd re-created her field outfit, and told the kids we were going rock climbing? My kids would love it. I do wish she lived closer so we could work her job into my classroom somehow. Maybe the next career day?! We do have Skype ...

Here's her description: 

So here is a picture of me, (poorly) attempting to blend into the business world filled of oil tycoons. You’ll notice my high end jeans(Old Navy) and my 2 yr old TOMS that are falling apart.

She makes me laugh, and I'm jealous that jeans are everyday attire! :) Here's my version:

I found that top at Marshall's on a trip with my mom. It's great because it has three-quarter sleeves, but is light and airy so I don't get too hot on the playground. :) Those GAP cropped black pants are my go-to in the spring. The crochet TOMS are a new purchase, and go with EVERYTHING. I like them because they're a little dressier than normal TOMS, so I don't feel like I'm narrowly skating the line between following the dress code and not.  I'll be posting a little later tonight with more teacher shoe options, but suffice to say ... they are THE BEST.

There you have it! Geologist to teacher in three easy pieces. :)

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