Sunday, March 3, 2013

Teacher Clothes

I love seeing what other teachers wear to work. Teaching is interesting for me, in terms of "work clothes," because we should look professional, and yet, it's absolutely not going to work for me to wear the traditional pencil skirt/blouse/slacks/jacket. Pencil skirts don't do criss-cross-applesauce, y'all. 

One of my little teacher dreams (for a while now ... I may or may not have called several teacher friends and pitched the idea to them already) has been to post examples of what I and my co-workers wear to work in order to look {sometimes} cute and professional, yet also manage to be comfortable enough to spend the day on the carpet and kick a ball at recess too.

First look - this one is a little more dressy than my every-day look. This is probably a Curriculum Night outfit ...{ifyaknowwhatImean} The pants are a knit, and they don't wrinkle. I love them {and not only because of the stretchy waistline}.  The scarf was a random find - who knew American Eagle still had cute things? While I can't wear any of their itty bitty nightgowns dresses, I love their accessories. The Nine West shoes are seriously the most comfortable heels that I own - I can wear them all day with NO problem whatsoever.

I also have a picture of my very favorite coat,  from a little boutique in the town where I live. It's wool, and a little snug in the arms {oddly?}, but I love the way it fits. Just a little dressier than my {trusty old} fleece jackets.

pants {thrifted}
tissue turtleneck {J.Crew}, scarf {American Eagle - similar}
watch {Nixon}, shoes {Nine West}
 coat {Jack - similar, similar, similar}

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