Saturday, March 23, 2013

Teacher Clothes: Kristy at Two Peas and a Dog

Woo hoo! Another teacher to feature in my little "teacher clothes" posting series. Last time I featured my sweet friend Lilla and her ADORABLE cardigan from Target. {Does everyone say Tar-jay in their head? I do!}

This time the wonderful Kristy from Two Peas and a Dog sent me a picture of her adorable patterned top and cardigan {teachers love a good cardigan!}. She lives all the way in Canada, so I *know* they're not getting any spring weather yet, but she's just like me - wishing for spring and putting a little pink and orange out there for Mother Nature to pick up on. Thanks Kristy!

As always - thanks to the 3AM Teacher for the frame and Fonts for Peas for the fonts! 


  1. I know, right? I want that fun top! :)

  2. This is a fun topic! I just started following your blog.

    ✿ Shari
    Keeping It Fresh in 6th Grade

  3. If you'd like to be featured - e-mail me! My e-mail is ms.bbzteacher at . :)

    Ms. BBZ: Integrated Learning in Second Grade


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