Thursday, May 2, 2013

Teacher Clothes: Target Skirt {and INSTAGRAM!}

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First things second ... HOW did I not hop on the Instagram train sooner? I've had an account for a while, but rarely added anything.  I joined back up for #teachertalktuesday and realized it's basically ... the best. Pretty pictures from my friends and other teachers? Yes please! I'm @ashleybbz, or click on that little camera over in the "Keep in Touch" section. 

Third - Instagram definitely fuels my teacher clothes addiction. I wish I could be half as stylish as the cute teachers over there! I posted this pic on #teachertalktuesday .... 

This is what it looks like in full. More evidence of my TOMS addiction!! That skirt is cute and I love it, but the waist is oddly tight. Or maybe that's a sign I need to run more .... {probably} #sadface. 


  1. I have to admit all of this talk on the blogs about instagram is making me think I should sign up...I just spend so much time on pinterest and facebook that I'm not sure I could find the time for instagram too!
    Love your skirt! We just got Target stores in Canada so inspired to go check out the stores now.

  2. You should! Definitely do it - I spend time on Pinterest and Facebook, but Instagram is another fun diversion. ;)

  3. I love how bright and colorful your skirt is! I have a TOMS addiction too! :)

    Eclectic Educating

  4. Thanks Amy! Spring makes me want to dress in a happy colors. :)


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