Monday, May 6, 2013

Force and Motion + Teacher Clothes: Black and White Striped Dress

Now that MAP is over, we're back to full-force science time! We're working on forces and motion, and today we spent some time studying Newton's second law  ... {that's the one that says extra force means extra motion}. What better way to study small vs. big forces than use Pop pom Poppers?! 

This was the simplest thing to set up - I used red Dixie cups (other kinds weren't sturdy enough), cut the ends off balloons, and put the balloons over the top of the cup. Then I cut out the bottoms. We pulled back just a bit for a "small" force and more for a "big" force. Then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... LAUNCH!  

We (of course) measured and record our Pom pom "pops" ... and it was a great time to work in some non-standard vs. standard measurement. 

Tomorrow we're headed out on a SKATING field trip to learn about friction ... #mybootywillbesore #hashtags4life 

While I'm updating ... teacher clothes! I'm determined that after two off weeks, I'm going to get up in time to actually feel GREAT about my teacher clothes this week. I kicked off Ms. BBZ 2.0 with this new Target maxi {#loveamaxi} and a sock bun {whoop whoop!}. I have a serious black and white obsession. 

Since it's SUPER rare for me to show my face, I decided to keep it classy for ya and leave off the arrows and sources. The dress is from Target and the cardi is from LOFT. The necklace is a Chan Luu necklace that Mr. BBZ bought me for Christmas ... #lovehim. 

We have to talk about that sock bun though ... I'm seriously channeling a little Library Dragon, don't you think? 

Not gonna lie ... I love children's literature. Okay, that's probably enough geekery for tonight. Don't forget about the sweet sale over at my store {and many others} on TpT and our last day of the MEGA giveaway

Thanks Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs for the graphic! 


  1. I like your sock bun! Some sock buns look way too ballerina- yours looks cute and chic!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  2. Are you going to make a Force and Motion science unit? I love your other units on the moon and energy! I also noticed you teach in Georgia, so do I!!! You have made my science lessons exciting and I don't dread teaching them now. Thank you.


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