Sunday, March 3, 2013

Teacher Clothes: Boots

Y'all ... these boots. I'll just post a picture first.

boots {Tulsa flea market}, tights {Target}
skirt {Gap}, turtleneck {J.Crew}
bangle {Ten Thousand Villages}

Yup. Pretty much the best. They have a story too - they belonged to a cartoon character rodeo princess. {the strikethrough didn't change the silliness there, did it?} 

I spent the summer in Tulsa, OK helping new teachers teach summer school there. One Saturday morning the staff of my school team {a bunch of sweet ladies that I love} woke up early and headed out to the flea market in search of boots. It was actually called the QuikTrip Center, but there were no giant soda/coffee/slushy machines there. What's the point of calling it the QuikTrip Center if it doesn't have the best part of a QuikTrip? {I digress...}

After wandering around for a while and snuggling some puppies {best flea market ever}, we found the boot booth. These were one of the only pairs in my size, and the woman selling them told me she'd bought them from a rodeo princess who has a dress and hat to match. Ha! After a lot little encouragement from my team ... I bought them. Money well spent, if you ask me.

What did the other ladies end up with, you ask? {Good thing we took a boot picture ...}

Makes you want to visit Tulsa, huh? 

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