Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Works for Boys {and more beautiful books} ...

The media specialist at our school is *amazing.* She works with the best people to get great books into our kids' hands. I'm always on the lookout for books that my boys will like - and I *know* there are some in this mix. I'm seriously excited to show them some of these titles. {There's only so far Ninjago and NFL Superstars will go ...}

One of my favorite, favorite books ... 
Is a graphic novel!

At one point, I might have been skeptical about graphic novels for kids, but after seeing how much they help my struggling readers and grab the attention of ALL my readers - no more. Anything that makes kids find the JOY in reading and truly find their "reading identity" ... bring it on.

Another one I *know* my boys will like - what a great premise - carrots that come ALIVE!! 

I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but this is a larger-than usual version of James ... IN COLOR. 

I want to reach out and stroke the pages!! 
Boo, I couldn't find that one at Amazon in the same version.

Oh my ... Puss in Boots - with the movie version out, I think I could entice my boys into reading this one! 
The next one isn't just for my boys, though they read them. I'm just happy to find a new series with an African-American female lead character. I love the Julian series, but these are fun, spunky and new - and they're chapter books, holler!

Finally - who knew - one of my favorite picture books in a more grown-up format. Fun. :) 

Looking through some of the new titles, I am blown away by the beauty of the books our kids are reading. Were books this beautiful when we were kids? I mean, I'm a READER (with a capital R, and E, and A ...) but I want these books, not only to read them, but for eye candy. {Sigh} And if I love them, I know they'll grab the attention of ALL my readers.

What books do YOUR readers love? 


  1. My students are really into graphic novels! I didn't know Amelia Bedelia had a new looks like I will have to take a trip to the book swap shop over Spring Break! I am your newest follower!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  2. As a comic reader myself, I have a pretty big graphic novels section in my classroom. My kids love Bone, Amulet, Bad Island, and Cardboard. I'm definitely adding a Wrinkle in Time now.


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