Monday, March 18, 2013

Study Notebooks: Space!

Every quarter we keep track of our learning in our social studies or science unit, and share them at our Community Night. What I love most about our notebooks is that they accumulate and make a wonderful record of the learning and growth that child has made over the time that they've been at our school.

We start with a blank Bare Book, and slowly add either journal entries, activities or diagrams. When it's complete, we decorate the cover with a fun design that represents that quarter's work. Since I've shared all our moon work {here, here, and here}, it's clear our last unit had to do with space. Soooo .... our cover was the night sky and moon! 

I was excited to try this technique I saw on Pinterest. The author calls it "puffy paint ..." I call it FUN!!

First you take a big dollop of shaving cream, and add some glue: 

You take some construction paper (we used light blue to give it some color), and smear it around! 

It only takes a couple of hours to dry, and then you can cut it into any shape you want! 

For the background of our books we used a dry tempera pat to create a wash, and then we used a tissue to wipe most of it off: 

When it was dry, we added some glitter paint and wrote the names and ... voila! The adorable covers, each one slightly unique. 

Inside ... our learning! We started the unit by visiting NASA's space station site for kids - we learned what a day in the life of an astronaut would be like, then we made our own packing list: 

We started waayyyyy out in space, and made acrostic poems about galaxies:

Then we moved in a little and studies constellations, using two AWESOME resources that I HIGHLY recommend - first we activated our schema and learned about constellations with the "Solar System Spectacular" unit by Lesson Plan SOS, and after we'd learned a little about them, we created our own with the ingenius "Graphing the Constellations" packet from Anna Colley.

After constellations, we moved onto stars, learning about their brightness, color, and life cycle using my "Stars" unit.



We zoomed into our solar system, learning about our own sun and it's characteristics - the layers of the sun and movement through the sky, as well as its effect on shadows and seasons. 


Fiinnnaaallly we started our moon work - we debunked ten "moon rumors" with my "Moon Misconceptions" unit - all of which are documented here, here, and here. OH! And we used the totally adorable oreo cookie activity from Yvonne Dixon's "Sun, Moon, Earth ..." unit, and the ADORABLE moon and earth craftivity from Leah Abatiell's "Mr. Moon" unit. I wish I had pictures! 

Have you seen this little poem? So helpful! 

We culminated our unit with our Community Night, packed it all up and started all over again the next week! Onto ENERGY, forces and motion and MATTER. Bring it on, science! :) 


  1. Hi Ms. BBZ! These are fantastic! Just found your blog through TpT Seller's Forum, I'm your newest follower!

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  2. Thanks Sue! I'm a big science lover myself - can't wait to check out your blog.


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