Saturday, March 2, 2013

Favorite Projects

I've been looking through old resources and work, trying to clean up and organize myself as we move into the fourth (!!!) quarter of the school year. It's crazy the amount of work that we create new each year, even though I've been in second for five years! Every year I think of something I'd like to do better, or try new.

One of my favorite projects that we did last year was our Liter Leader Project. This was an integrated unit that ended with the kids created superhero "leaders" out of 2-liter bottles. We first did some research on important leaders, learning about non-fiction text features, research and a five-paragraph essay format. We tied in capacity from math, character traits ... all kinds of things!  Then we used some of our fiction writing skills to create a superhero alter-ego for the character. It sounds crazy, but it really sparked their creative energy! See some of our work below:

Please pardon the old pictures - they're a year old now! :) 

"Discovering" this old project has inspired me - how can I use a similar idea as we move into capacity/geometry/poetry? Hmmmm ... this might be my weekend project! 

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