Sunday, March 3, 2013

Crates as Storage

Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to storage solutions in a small(ish) rooms! {I can't complain, I haven't ever had to work in trailers learning cottages :)}

I know I saw this idea on the 'ole Pinterest-machine somewhere - and it was worth the time it took to gather the materials. These are made of two crates stacked on top of each other, and zip-tied to the end desk. 

Each of my groups has a materials bucket where they keep their communal materials {it seems to help kids share and preserve some of our precious glue sticks and scissors!}. Having the buckets right next to their group means they don't have to get up when we start working. {In a small room ... less transition time = key to preserving the peace!}

They also keep their book baskets here. I've taken the names off, but each one is labelled with their name, and they can grab it, or pass them down if they're staying at desks for whatever we're doing. 

What storage solutions do you use in your classroom? 

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