Sunday, March 3, 2013

Classroom Design

Seeing others' classrooms is always interesting to me. As a person who isn't naturally organized (I really have to work at it!) ... the organizational systems, cute books nooks, and ways to display student work are AWESOME to me. So ... if we're sharing ...

The way I'm organizing my anchor charts this year  - one section for every subject, and as they're done - bam! on the wall. :) 
This is our second small-group meeting space - with learning tarets, math board, word sorting and some math manipulatives. 

Our classroom rug (love the bees!). You can see some Beth Newingham posters in use, as well as one place where I used clothespins and paper plates to make a place for student work.

That's about it for now, but this was technically at the beginning of the year, so things have changed a little. Update coming soon! 


  1. Hi Ashley!
    I just saw your adorable bee carpet on pinterest and I love it! Your room is so cute! Would you mind sharing where you bought the carpet? Thanks!

  2. Hi Diana! Thanks so much! It's definitely getting there, slowly but surely. The carpet is the "Honeybee Kids Rug" from Wayfair! It doesn't look *quite* as bright now, as you can imagine. :) I would definitely seal/treat it with something if I had to do it over. As it is, I'll wait until I get it professionally cleaned at the end of the year. :)

  3. I see that you have a cinder block wall which is what 2 of my walls are in my room... I was wondering how you get things to hang or stay on those walls?

  4. Ohhh yes. Those cinderblocks are IMPOSSIBLE! Hot glue is the *only* thing that has worked. I've tried masking tape, masking tape and rubber cements, the gray putty, even that special tape that's supposedly made just for teachers ... hot glue is still the only thing that work.


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