Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life Lately ....

I've been largely absent from the blog with end of year and trips to see friends and family {yay!} but I have been floating around Instagram during this busy month. Here are a few pictures of life lately ... 

Row One: 1. My favorite Vera Bradley backpack! 2. Tea + DRAs ... my life 3. Field Day fun! 4. Sudoku - awesome way to think logically at the end of the year 5. Road trip to a mountain cabin with friends and our pups :)
Row Two: 1. Tie-dye - stained hands 2. 40 2nd graders in 40 minutes for tie-dye ... shew! 3. Oobleck experiments for matter! 4. LOVE me some cider 5. Painting our learning journals for this unit! 

Row One: 1. My classroom!  2. Our push/pull wall for Community Night #4  3.  Solids, liquids and gas wall for Community Night 4.  Favorite outfit 5. Working on fractions!  
Row Two: 1. Random painting in my room 2. The BEST hair oil 3. Splattering paint Jackson Pollock-style as we learn about force and motion 4. Me, my mom and brother for Mother's Day!  5. Beautiful Stephanie Ryan print I bought for my momma

Row One: 1. A little reading  2. The front seat of my car ... oy 3. Cousins!  4.  My adorable door from my parents for Teacher Appreciation 5. Yummy muffin that Mr. BBZ took a huge bite out of ... 
Row Two: 1. My mom and Cici on the way to see my grandma for Mother's Day 2.  New shoes from Target! 3. and 4. Zoom balls as we learn about force and motion  5. Another Stephanie Ryan print I bought for my momma in law

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  1. We are Instagram friends and now we can be blogging friends! Yay! Glad I found you!!

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