Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teacher Pay Teachers Appreciation SALE!

Teachers Pay Teachers is hosting a HUGE sale this Tuesday! If your favorite sellers are hosting sales (I am!), you can get up to 28% off your purchase with the code TAD13. WOO HOO! 

Thanks Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs for the graphic! 

I LOVE the idea of seeing what's on everyone's "wish list," so ... here's what I'll be stocking up on this Tuesday!  ... {And if you need more ideas, you could browse the fabulous sellers over at my giveaway!} 

First, these assessments from Alyssha are going in my cart, and I'm trying soooo hard to convince the other teachers at my school that we need to use them in other grades too. 

I  also think the idea of wristbands to show answers is SUCH a cute one, and punctuation is something we NEVER stop practicing. It's been on my wishlist for a while, so I'll be purchasing Leah's "Show Me the Answer" wristbands.  

I have Meg's conceptual fraction unit, and it's WONDERFUL. It's so hard to find good conceptual units. This will be a stretch activity for several of my kiddos - 

Can you tell I'm super math-focused right now? It's because after moving to my new school, math was the most difficult thing to coordinate between NWEA's MAP test and Common Core standards. We used Scott Foresman Investigations at my old school ... which is a littttlllleee different than traditional mathematics and highly Common Core aligned. The MAP test kind of flipped my math long-term plan on its head, but I have my game plan for next year and I'm ready to make it happen. I can't WAIT for summer planning. :) 

Since we're "window shopping," I asked Mr. BBZ to browse around a little and see what he would be interested in buying (he's a middle school special educator). Can you believe he hasn't ever bought a single thing on TpT?!!  After looking around he said, "It's going to be really hard not to spend a lot of money." Um, ya think?! ;) Here are his picks: 

The interactive reading and math notebooks from Jen Runde are top on his list (I know why; they're awesome!): 


He also does a lot of small groups with his kids, so he liked these reading resources from Jen Bengal (she has them for all F+P levels!!). 

And was intrigued by this middle-school  literacy reading resource from Kasey Kiehl. 

His kids are struggling with equivalent fractions, so he's definitely going to be purchasing from (the wonderful!) Dennis McDonald: 

Okay, our pockets are going to be empty, so we should stop. :) I hope you find something at TpT that makes your life easier this Tuesday! 

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