Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Teacher Clothes: TFA + J.Crew Shirt

Another teacher clothes post! I took these pictures as I gathered my clothes this Sunday {I think I'm holding out for spring with that eyelet shirt..}, but made a last minute switch this morning.

My awesome mother-in-law picked up this Teach for America shirt for me the last time she was at J.Crew - so cute, had to do it.

Reppin' the TFA! {I can't even try to say that out loud, so silly.}

Pants {No idea!}, Shoes {No idea!}
White Eyelet Shirt {Gap}
White TFA Shirt {J. Crew}, Jacket {Gap}
Ring {Tulsa Flea Market - check out the boots that go with it!}

Original outfit! 

Original outfit 

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