Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Teacher Clothes: Flared Dress, Boots, Tights

I love this dress - it's a sweater-ish dress, but without the a) thickness of a true sweater dress (I always get too hot), and with b) a little flare at the bottom that helps even me out a little. {Can't hurt!} My mom actually got it for herself but didn't like it, so HOLLER! Mine. :)

These tights are the MOST comfortable things in the world. They're totally opaque, and warm, but don't give me that weird I CAN'T BREATHE feeling that some tights do. I also buy them in the largest size possible - does anyone else do that? XXXL, sign me up!  They're NEVER too big, and most times they feel better that way.

Finally - classic knee-high flat boots, a teacher's best friend. Nothing better! I got these on sale at Clark's.  Initially I thought I was really splurging, but I wear them so often I should have bought the black ones. {Oh well, my wallet thanks me.}

Dress {Max Studio - maybe via Marshall's?}
Tights {Target}, Boots {Clark's}

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